Product Updates #2

Hey there 👋

Check out the latest improvements we have working on to help you manage your Coliving in the most efficient way!

🖼 Multiple pictures per accommodation

Now your accommodations will look better than ever with multiple pictures. Go and edit them

💳 Charge the remaining amount

Now its easier than ever to charge the customer the remaining amount with the new button to do so in the booking page

🎉 Custom success booking URL

Need the guest to fill out a form? Want to show something special to them once they book? Just update the success booking URL in your booking form so they are redirected there once they finish booking!

🐛 Other bug fixes and features

Some small features and bug fixes have been implemented too

  • Now you can create bookings in the past as an admin.
  • The seasonal rates are now easier to adjust as they no longer work with percentages. They have been moved to each of the accommodations
  • We also made the booking summary more beautiful with the images of the accommodations booked