Connect to External Booking Channels (OTAs) Using iCal

Connecting your MangoBeds properties to external booking channels (OTAs) ensures that your availability calendars are synchronized, preventing overbookings and managing reservations efficiently. Here’s how you can achieve this using the iCalendar (iCal) technology.

Understanding iCal Integration

iCal, short for iCalendar, is a popular format used across various platforms to share calendar data. It is particularly useful for syncing booking information across different systems. Using iCal, you can publish the availability of your rooms or properties in a universally readable ‘ics’ file format. This format details the dates when your properties are booked and, therefore, not available.

Setting Up iCal Sync with OTAs

To integrate your MangoBeds calendar with OTAs, you will primarily engage with iCal links. Here’s a straightforward process to set it up:

  1. Copy Your iCal URL: First, you need to obtain an outbound iCal URL from MangoBeds. This can be done from the ‘Accommodations’ area of your MangoBeds dashboard, where you will find the option to obtain the iCal URL for each of your units. Accommodations > Select accommodation > Edit a unit > Copy the ical URL link
  2. Share Your iCal URL: Send this URL to the external booking channels you are working with. This will allow them to pull the availability data for your rooms or properties.
  3. Insert OTA iCal URL into MangoBeds: Similarly, you will need to insert the iCal URL provided by the OTA into MangoBeds. This enables MangoBeds to pull booking information from the OTA, ensuring that your internal calendars reflect all current bookings, regardless of where they were made. To do so go to Accommodations > Select accommodation > Edit a unit > Add source > paste the link into the source selected

How iCal Works

  • Publishing and Pulling Data: The iCal links publish a series of bookings for each physical room or property. These are then available through a public link. Systems like and the OTAs you connect with can read this link to determine the booked or closed dates, and update their systems accordingly.

Benefits of Using iCal

  • Synchronization: Ensures your availability is always up to date across all platforms, reducing the risk of double bookings.
  • Ease of Use: Setting up iCal is straightforward and doesn’t require complex integrations.
  • Broad Compatibility: Many OTAs and property management systems support iCal, making it a versatile choice for synchronization.

By implementing iCal syncing, you can seamlessly manage your bookings across different platforms, ensuring smooth operations and an optimal guest experience.